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What's New In 3.9?



Introducing the Executor Bus Binding

The 3.9 release introduces a new type of bus, the executor bus, which allows work to be 'sent' to another thread for either intensive processing or for easy outbound gateway authoring.


  • Outbound gateways: send an outbound message to executor bus thread that performs a send or export to an outbound system.
  • Analytically intensive processing: Do computationally intensive work without tying up the application's main processing thread.

The executor bus provides the application with a handle to an Acknowledger callback which ensures that processing is completed even in the event of failure.

See the Executor Binding documentation for additional details.








Easier Inbound Gateways

The 3.9 release makes it even easier to author inbound gateways to bridge from external systems in a guaranteed fashion.

New: The AepSendStabilityEvent

  • This event allows threads injecting messages into an application from an external source to be asynchronously notified when the platform can guarantee its processing will be completed.
  • Provides the ability to attach correlation data to the injected message to allow inbound threads to acknowledge upstream.

See Unsolicited Sends for additional details.

Configurable Message Routing Functions

This release introduces channel key functions which can be defined in configuration decoupled from application logic to allow for dynamic content based message routing.


The above config driven uses a hash function to partition new-orders traffic across 20 partitions (Events/1 through Events/2), all without having to change a line of application code.

See Channel Keys and Topic Resolution for additional details.



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Improvements and Bug Fixes

And as always many general improvements and bug fixes.

Get Started

Below is a listing of 3.9 Releases and Milestones along with links to their release notes:

  • X Platform 3.9.1Release Date: August 6th, 2018
  • X Platform 3.9.0Release Date: May, 16th 2018
  • 3.9 MilestonesThis page lists milestone release notes for X Platform 3.9. Milestone releases contain functionality that is expected to make it into an actual release but are not intended for use in production and are not supported. The milestone builds here may be deleted in the future.

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