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What's New in 3.8?



Introducing In Memory State Indexing and Query

The 3.8 release introduces the ability to index and query your state objects ... combining X Platform's in memory speed with the simplicity of Plain Old Java Objects and SQL.

  • State Indexing:
    • Allows indexing objects held in collections by alternate keys (including non-unique keys).
    • Great for reducing iteration through collections of objects by instead using ranged indexes.
  • State Query:
    • Reduce the need for coding logic to find data in your application's state tree.
    • For example, one can select top spending customers as simply as issuing:
      "SELECT Customer FROM store ORDER BY Customer.totalSpend"

    • Queries operate directly on objects and indexes already in memory!











Lumino Improvements

This release contains several improvements to Lumino and Robin making deployment and monitoring even easier.

  • Enhanced Host, XVM and Stats Dashboards make it easier than ever to drill down, optimize and monitor your applications.
  • Simplified installation bundles and upgrades.
  • New XVM stats including, store data sizes, additional disruptor stats and transaction log usage stats.
  • Better support for localizing applications to a target environment by building on some of the new configuration features in Talon.

Major New Configuration Features

The 3.8 release introduces several new configuration features designed around making it possible to configure a fully defined multi agent system in a single DDL across multiple deployment environements.

  • Templates

    • Apps, XVMs and Buses can use templates to reduce config repetition.
  • Profiles
    • Ability to define profiles that override / augment base config.
    • Profiles can be activated by the target environment to which a system is deployed - multiple environments configured in a single, easy to maintain artifact.
  • XVM specific environments
    • Allows XVMs to define their own environment to allow localizing each XVM and its applications specificly.
  • Provisioning Information
    • DDL now allows configuring Host, JVM and directory locations.
    • When combined with Robin / Lumino and Profiles this allows fully configuring a system through to its target hosts.



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Improvements and Bug Fixes

And as always many general improvements and bug fixes.

Get Started

Below is a listing of 3.8 Releases and links to their release notes:

  • X Platform 3.8.2Release Date: March, 2nd 2018
  • X Platform 3.8.1Release Date: March, 11th 2018
  • X Platform 3.8.0Release Date: February, 5th 2018
  • 3.8 MilestonesThis page lists milestone release notes for X Platform 3.8. Milestone releases contain functionality that is expected to make it into an actual release, but are not intended for use in production and are not supported. The milestone builds here may be deleted in the future.

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