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What's New in 3.6?



Introducing Lumino

Lumino is the web front end for monitoring and control of Talon XVMs:

  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Centralized Discovery and Monitoring:
    • Statistics
    • Trace Logs
  • Deployment Capabilities
    • Fluent scripting to deploy launch and entire deployments.
  • Command and Control
    • Invoke annotated command methods on your application
  • Auditing Capabilities.





Lumino is available as a free add on to the X Platform. Interested in getting started with Lumino? Let us know.




Improvements and Bug Fixes

While much of the 3.6 release was geared towards monitoring and management it also contains many miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Dig into the specific release notes below for details.



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Get Started

Below is a listing of 3.6 milestones and links to their release notes:

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