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What's New in 3.4?



Major Performance Improvements

  • Store Replication Latency reduced by up to 40% in 3.4 compared to prior versions.
  • Support for Parallel Replication with Event Sourcing ... inbound events can be replicated in parallel with event processing.
  • Support for detached replication sender thread to offload serialization costs from business processing thread.
  • Reduced buffer copies.



Message and State Modeling Improvements


  • Support for message copy.
  • ADM Build Improvements
    • Model files now output to build target folder
    • Improved import resolution.
    • Improved error reporting.
  • Better IDE support when using m2e
    • Line markers for model errors.
    • Improved incremental build support.
  • Xbuf support for Blob Copies of Repeated Fields.




Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Config Improvements
    • Improved out of box defaults for throughput and latency profiles
    • Enhancements to DDL config.
  • Additional Stats in Server Heartbeats.
  • Many, many bug fixes and improvements across the product suite.




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Get Started

Below is a listing of 3.4 milestones and links to their release notes:

  • X Platform 3.4.2Release Date: Wednesday, April 19th 2017
  • X Platform 3.4.1Release Date: Tuesday, December 13th 2016
  • X Platform 3.4.0Release Date: Sunday, November 27th 2016
  • 3.4 MilestonesThis page lists milestone release notes for X Platform 3.4. Milestone releases contain functionality that is expected to make it into an actual release, but are not intended for use in production and are not supported. The milestone builds here may be deleted in the future.

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