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What's New In 3.10?



Introducing Admin over SMA

The 3.10 release introduces the ability to monitor and manage XVMs over messaging.

  • Support for pure passive monitoring of applications running XVMs that emit zero garbage telemetry over SMA messaging connections.
  • Command and control over messaging - invoke annotated command handlers in applications from monitoring tools.

See the Admin over SMA documentation for additional details.






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Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Performance Improvements
  • General Improvements
  • Bug Fixes

Below is a listing of 3.10 Releases and links to their release notes:

  • X Platform 3.10.0Release Date: September, 3rd 2018
  • MilestonesThis page lists milestone release notes for X Platform 3.10. Milestone releases contain functionality that is expected to make it into an actual release but are not intended for use in production and are not supported. The milestone builds here may be deleted in the future.

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