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What's New in 3.1?







Now Open To the Public!


  • After years of working closely with pilot customers, we're ready to open the X Platform to the public
  • Contact sales@neeveresearch.com to get your evaluation license now!

Introducing Neeve Open Source...




Zero Garbage Heartbeats!

  • Stats are now emitted in a zero garbage fashion allowing tools to mine the wealth of data emitted by the platform.
  • Introduction of User Defined App Stats ... easily annotate application metrics for output in server heartbeats




Get Started

Below is a listing of 3.1 releases and links to their release notes:

  • X Platform 3.1.3Release Date: Tuesday, April 19 2016
  • X Platform 3.1.1Release Date: Friday, April 1 2016
  • X Platform 3.1.0Release Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2016
  • 3.1 MilestonesThis page lists the archived milestone release notes for X Platform 3.1 https://docs.neeveresearch.com/display/XPD/X+Platform+3.1 which has been released. Below is a listing of those releases and links to their release notes.

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