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What's New in 3.0?

Now Even Faster!


We are always hard at work optimizing latency and throughput for X Applications. This release focused on latency improvements, and laid groundwork for performance related work due out in 3.1, so stay tuned for even faster computing!



Improved Message Modeling

The 3.0 Release of Core X Introduces several exciting new message modeling features:

See ADM Message Modeling for the full set of features!

Enhanced Config and Lifecycle



  • Support for configuring an entire deployment in one XML.
  • New Alert and Notification Events, now backed by ADM messages.
  • Learn more at: X Application Lifecycle


Intoducing TOA: Topic Oriented Applications


The 3.0 Release introduces TOA. TOA allows applications to map message types to topic channels. Simply annotate your application message handlers and send.

  • Map Message Types to Topic channels in x-tsml.xml
  • Annotate handler methods with @EventHandler
  • Send the message.
  • Let TOA take care of the rest.

Get Started

Click on a release for download links and release notes.

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