The Lumino Manua (v1.6)

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Lumino is X Platform's monitoring and management tool. It layers on top of Robin providing a visual interface to perform deployment management, passive application monitoring, deployment scripting, and command and control. Users can navigate systems running across any number of environments, instantly see the status of individual components within the system and statistics about their overall health and performance.

Lumino provides out of the box dashboards for XPlatform applications including VM, execution history, CPU, Disk and memory views; application state, statistics, alerts, and lifecycle. It includes support for adding custom dashboards and external data sources. Lumino also provides a robust command and control center for executing commands to remotely control apps. Lumino works with Talon, Hornet and Eagle apps. A Lumino Server provides a web-based UI to users and allows a single ingress point from which sign-on can be managed.

A Lumino Server facilitates managing multiple disparate and isolated environments by communicating with Lumino Agents deployed in each environment. A Lumino Server communicates with its Lumino Agent via HTTP/REST. A Lumino Agent provides the ability to provision and control X Platform applications running in lightweight containers called XVMs. A Lumino Agent discovers running XVMs using pluggable discovery mechanisms, and once an XVM is discovered the Lumino Agent absorbs statistics and other monitoring traffic which it stores in a time series database such as Influx. Historical and live monitoring data is then fed back to the Lumino Server for aggregated presentation in rich and customizable dashboards. 

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